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"NUIT" is the first solo EP of the French artist VILLEMIN. Composed of five original tracks mixing piano with enveloping electronic textures. It depicts a nocturnal and mysterious landscape, inhabited by ethereal sounds sometimes close to the human voice. 


"A lot of shaping on the analogue synthesizer was necessary to make these new sounds more alive, giving them breath and free movement but also some imperfections such as murmurs, imprecise attacks...

I wanted them to have something archaic, between moaning, chanting and sighing."


NUIT was recorded and mixed (Stereo and Dolby Atmos) on a Steinway model D piano at the Orchestre National d'Île de France studios (ONDIF) by Alix Ewald.


This debut EP is released in October 2022 under Dorothée Meyer's label, Doorway Music.



Heïdi's Ice 

Réalisation - Pierre DUGOWSON

Production - Cosmonaut 391 / LCP Assemblée nationale

Soundtrack - VILLEMIN

DOUZE Paris 

Artistic Director - Fanny de Gouville




VILLEMIN grew up in an eclectic musical environment, between her mother’s lyric soprano rehearsals and the CDs bought by her older brothers.

The family library contains music by Poulenc, Arvo Pärt, Ravel’s piano concertos and 90’s albums by Massive Attack and Björk. She is immediately taken by the hypnotic languor and rich orchestration of the latter.

Although she was trained as a violinist at the conservatory, (where she entered in Grenoble at the age of 7 before continuing in Lyon and Paris to study pedagogy, composition and orchestration) the piano and keyboards are always intimately present in her life.

Her great grandmother gave her mother a small organ, telling her that it would bring comfort to her daily life.

Villemin spent most of her free time there, headphones on, from the age of four until early adulthood when her mother gave her a piano when she moved.

Later, VILLEMIN produced music for theatre, dance and advertising, developing an orchestral and atmospheric style. After several years of collaborating with classical and contemporary ensembles as a violinist, but also with shoegaze bands for whom she made arrangements and a video clip, she developed her own language through a pared-down approach. Thus, she undertook the writing of her first EP on the piano, the instrument that allows her to render the entirety of her emotions.




SIRENS broadcast on FIP radio (FIP Nouveautés June and October 2022)

Capture d’écran 2023-01-24 à 14.27.30.png

PENOMBRE played on SOHO Radio London

(Sea & Sky playlist A. Hamilton-Ayres)


"A fragile and etheral beauty can be found in these 5 compositions which develope fluently and supplement each other. The analogue synthesizers remain mostly somewhere in the background, the grand piano has the central role of transporting the emotions and melodies and is mixed to the fore as to soothe the listener late at night."



"La nouveauté du jour, c'est Sirens, nouvelle beauté néo-classique de la musicienne française VILLEMIN, autrefois membre du duo lyonnais de dream pop Pleine Lvne. Là où un piano délicat s'enveloppe de nappes électroniques à la fois aériennes et envoûtantes, faisant toucher du doigt un horizon crépusculaire et mystérieux, semblant à la fois si proche et si lointain. Superbe."


Radio press
tour dates


London UK

St Matthias Church

SEP 30, 2023

The Hillside Project / Josh Semans


Potsdam DE

Q3Ambient Fest

JUN 4, 2023

Madrid ES


APR 23, 2023

Lyon FR

Le Périscope

APR 14, 2023

Paris FR

La Boule Noire

MAR 24, 2023

(Opening FESTEN)



Photo ©Fanny de Gouville
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